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Traditional Crafts - Folk Art - Handmade Tools - Modern Pioneering                                                  


"I have purchased a half-dozen knives from the Oaken Moose, for personnel use and as gifts. The quality of these pieces are excellent!!! They are attractive and functional, each knife is truly one-of-a-kind. Great value!!!" - Phil


"I bought a Thor's hammer a while back, and it gets plenty of looks when I wear it. Matt carved some runes into it and it's just the right amount of rugged." - Charlie


"The professionalism and workmanship that goes into Matt's work is phenomenal!! They made our theatre production so realistic!! Thank you so much !" - Helen


"Had a set of simple knives made for my son and I to share, and I am thrilled at what I received. Once you see what these guys do, you won't buy your stuff from a store again. Oaken Moose has the skill and vision behind it that we need to see more of today..." - George


"These knives are awesome! I have bought a total of six custom knives and the quality and craftsmanship are second to none. Every time I come by I see another one I have to have. If you want a badass custom knife this is the place to come." - Mike


"I got my hands on an OMT hand axe on black friday as a gift for my husband. He uses it for lawn work and camping. It rarely needs to be sharpened, looks great, and does the job! He made a leather holster for it too." - Mariah


"We got a few heart shaped hooks that are now screwed into the wall. Our kitchen's ugly spot is fixed and you can't beat the look of real, hammered iron!" - Chelsea