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Due to the time and materials required to complete an ax, each one is completely made to order. If you'd like more information on our axes, please send us an email at

  American Felling Axe


  • High Carbon Bit
  • Features a Poll to outweigh the blade, making it very effective in its tasks
  • Beeswax Coating and Mirror-Polished Edge
  • Ideal for felling trees large and small
  • $175.00

    Goosewing Axe


  • Carbon Steel Bit
  • One of our best axes, it's used for Hewing and general woodworking. This axe is one of the rarest to find and also one of the hardest to create
  • Ash Handle and Mirror Polished Edge
  • $400.00

   American Broadaxe


  • Carbon Steel Bit
  • Hickory Handle 
  • Beeswax Coated 
  • Made for Hewing; the axe is beveled to one side like a chisel as opposed to the sharpening of a common axe used for cutting and felling. 
  • $300.00

   Viking Hand Axe


  • Based on one of the most common axes found in Norse burials
  • High Carbon Bit
  • Ash Handle
  • Practical in Martial Arts Training and Woodworking
  • $150.00