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From Building a Home to Decorating It

Whether you're cutting the wood to build your home or just decorating the inside of it, Oaken Moose Trading can help. We make all our household hardware as it should be; by hand, hammer, and anvil. From coat hooks and roses to hinges and candle holders, we've got what you need and it's always fresh off the forge. 

The Forge

The furnace we use to make our knives, axes, decorations, etc., is a large brick forge that is unique in itself. We built it and the building it stands under using inspiration from the ones found belonging to blacksmiths of both Early America and Scandinavia. For example; the way the stone slants before the entrance of the forge keeps more smoke up the chimney rather than out and into the shop. This is a feature commonly seen in the forges of Sweden and Norway. However, the open air building and the storage space for wood and tools underneath the brick is an amenity for which we can thank the American Pioneers. The forge burns coal, and is fed air from an electric fan connected to a rheostat. The modernity blended with tradition makes our forge a very unique one to work with, and helps us maintain the quality we strive for in all our work. 

Tools of the Forge

Blacksmithing is a unique trade in that if the ironworker needs a tool to complete a task, he can almost certainly make it himself. To create a list of all the tools a blacksmith needs is nearly impossible, as every single tool has a unique purpose depending on the job at hand. All of the tools we use in our blacksmith shop are either restored originals, or have been forged in-house. We've made our own tongs, hammers, chisels, punches, anvil tools; the list goes on and on. If you're in need of some custom tools for your forge, Oaken Moose is more than able to supply you with what you need. Simply contact us and we'd be happy to get a custom set started. 


Most of the ironwork you can purchase from us is coated in beeswax, unless specified otherwise. We occasionally prime and paint larger pieces, and scrub on hot brass to some of the detailed items such as leaves. Beeswax is the preferred method at Oaken Moose Trading as it feels very unique after cooling down, prevents rust, and smells incredible in just the right breeze.