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Woodcarving the Old Way

We've made wooden Kitchen/Home Wares available as of August 2018, and have put special work into crafting them. The most modern technology used in their carving is arguably the air conditioner cooling the workshop, resulting in pieces made with true care. Each individual piece is made in a very unique way, but here you can get a look at the tools, techniques, and finishes behind our carvings.


Our woodcarvings' quality can be traced to not only the workmanship behind them, but also the tools used in the process. Many of them we've made in house, and can be found in the "Woodworking Tools" section for purchase. Our spoons and bowls are all made in a similar fashion using handsaws, palm knives, and gouges. Larger bowls require the use of an adze and/or scorp to remove material to form the bowl's curve. Our flat surfaced items such as cutting boards and serving plates are made using saws, drawknives, and planes. We base our carving tools and techniques on Early Rural America and Scandinavia, the results being some fine pieces for your home you'll have trouble finding elsewhere. 


If you purchase a carving of any kind from Oaken Moose that has a finish on its surface, it will likely either be a beeswax solution, polyurethane, Tung oil, or Linseed oil. Any product we make to be used for or around food/beverages is done so to be safe and washable.