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Oaken Moose Carpentry

Timber Framing, Joinery, and Wooden Amenities are not goods or services that we keep on hand, but are certainly available for commission should you have a need for them. Furniture, small structures, decorations, and other woodcrafts are all within our skill set, and we'd be happy to bring some Oaken Moose carpentry into your life even if as minuscule as a set of hand-forged nails. We never rush our projects, as we value beauty and functionality far more than saved profits. If you'd like to order a custom project, contact us via email or social media. 

The Tools

We use a wide variety of tools ranging from power tools to hand tools we created in our own shop for our woodworks, and over multiple generations we have amassed a large collection of museum-quality woodworking tools from various times and periods. Some we merely admire, some we have restored for use, and some we've made to replicate the originals. Regardless, if a piece is commissioned from us, we are confident in having the proper tool for the job whether historical or modern. 

The Wood

As any woodworker knows, each task has a wood to match it. A spoon isn't carved from the same material as a canoe, and a chair isn't built from the same wood as a cabin's frame. Every material we use in regard to wood depends on the objective; although we do tend to favor some more than others. White Pine and Red or White Oak are usually used for structural work, and for many household pieces we enjoy working with live end woods. Aside from these structural woods; Basswood, Black/English Walnut, Claro Walnut, Butternut, Sycamore, Maple Ambrosia, Curly Maple, Cherry, and Cedar are the most commonly used woods in our shop.