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Oaken Moose Classes & Workshops

If you've ever wanted to learn blacksmithing, knifemaking, or woodworking, look no further than Oaken Moose Trading's classes, courses, and workshops. They're taught by Oaken Moose craftsman and founder Matt Pallady, and are enjoyable for both young and old due to their relaxed nature. Classes take place in DeBary, Florida, and are scheduled by appointment. They are operated with a personal, one-on-one approach, and don't have a time limit. When the student is able to leave our shop with the right understanding and a good product, the class is over. For prices and scheduling, contact us at 

Water is provided for classes, but we recommend bringing snacks and any refreshments you may want. Classes are limited to three students at a time, but special accommodations can be made for more. Workshops feature larger groups and include a lunch.  Our programs are unique in that there is neither a time minimum or maximum. If a student takes half an hour to complete a concept, they'll be congratulated for having learned the technique quickly and will leave with a great product. If it takes another three hours, it's just as well and the student will leave with a product of equal quality. 

Closed toe shoes are a must, as are long pants. We provide eye protection, ear protection, gloves, aprons, etc. Keep in mind that you will likely get dirty!


Upcoming Workshops

Here are our upcoming workshops, and the tickets to join. After your purchase, we'll email you to confirm and address any additional details.


No upcoming workshops. Check again soon!