Oaken Moose Trading               

Traditional Crafts - Folk Art - Handmade Tools - Modern Pioneering                                                  

About Us

We are a purveyor of rustic goods which are forged, grown, carved, and brewed, traditionally. In this day of assembly lines and mass production, we operate with limited technology; using time-honored craftsmanship to make our products.  When you buy from Oaken Moose Trading you purchase a small part of the craftsman; for from the earth's humble materials our products are made, and by ancestral methods they are brought to life.

We are a small group of passionate craftsmen that believe in value, not price. Quality, not quantity. Hands, not machines. Creation, not production. Passion, not business. 


The Crew

Meet the crew behind Oaken Moose Trading; the men (and woman) that are working to revitalize the workmanship of days long gone. Blacksmiths, Woodworkers, Musicians, Homesteaders; but above all, modern pioneers. 



Founder, Blacksmith, Woodworker. 

Matt Pallady was raised on his parents' homestead, and still lives there today. At a young age he watched his father make such things as carved violins and forged tools, giving him his appreciation for living off the land. Raised in a Scandinavian-American family, Matt was immersed in many old-world practices of both areas. He made his first knife at five, though years passed before honing his craft for business. Matt's motives to found Oaken Moose Trading in 2016 were simple; preserve traditional arts, provide for the modern pioneer, and revitalize classic manliness. This "true manliness", as he views it, can be seen from the hardworking Carpenters building Early America, to the self-reliant Sami of Scandinavia, to the cozy Hygge lifestyle sweeping the world over from Denmark. It is to be well rounded, self-sufficient, and content with the life that has been given. Aside from his business, Matt enjoys bushcraft, canoeing, home brewing, fishing, lifting, and playing guitar and banjo.



Sales,  Apprentice, Woodworker, Musician.

Michael has been learning the ins and outs of blacksmithing and woodworking at the shop for over four years, and will soon be managing an Oaken Moose Trading traveling store. A lover of history and weapons of all variety, he not only has the knowledge to run such a booth for us, but also the passion to make it excel. One of the very first products we offered were Wooden Bow Ties, worn just like the everyday tie but carved from wood. Michael sawed and sanded most of them, as well as applied the finishes to make them wearable. Michael also had, at one point, a role in a large pepper growing project at the Oaken Moose homestead. He and our founder Matt planted and harvested a great amount of some of the world's hottest peppers including Carolina Reapers, Bhut Jolokias, and Trinidad Scorpions. Michael is a guitarist as well, hoping to soon build his own guitars.


Forager, Permaculturist, Experimental Cello Composer.

Born and raised in the subarctic Forests around Umeå, Sweden, Ola grew up in a household of foraging, hunting, fishing, and old-world crafting. Until the age of ten, his parents raised him on elk meatballs, blue puikulaperuna potatoes, funnel chanterelles and cloudberry jam, nearly all of his clothes knitted by hand. Surviving that, he emigrated permanently to Florida in 2012. He and his Florida-born wife Wren spent two years working sustainability projects, tropical horticulture, and specialty coffee in Miami, before establishing a permaculture-style homestead and recording studio in DeLand.